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24 Jan 2020

ETCS Driver’s Handbook now available
ERA has published the generic ETCS Driver’s Handbook: a harmonised manual for the use of ETCS.

10 Jan 2020

Consultation on the revision of the TSI relating to telematics applications for freight (TAF TSI)
In accordance with Articles 7 of Regulation (EU) 2016/796 (Agency Regulation), the European Union Agency for Railways shall consult organisations representing freight customers and passengers on matters having a direct impact on rail freight customers and passengers.

20 Dec 2019

Joint Network Secretariat (JNS) issues long term mitigation measures on broken wheels
The Joint Network Secretariat (JNS) has issued the Final Output containing long-term measures aimed at preventing broken wheels of tread braked freight wagons in an efficient and sustainable way. Concerned wheel types are: BA004 and BA314/ZDB29 (with a slope under the wheel flange).

18 Dec 2019

Telematics application for freight and passengers - ERA and RNE announce the publication of European Rail Primary Codes
Thanks to the joint effort of ERA and RNE in the scope of the telematics applications for freight and passengers European Rail Primary Codes are publicly available.

13 Dec 2019

ERA and DG NEAR sign the second contract for support to IPA II beneficiaries for 2020-2022
At the beginning of December 2019, ERA and the European Commission’s Directorate General DG NEAR signed a three years contract "Continuation of support to the IPA II beneficiaries by the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA) 2020 – 2022".

27 Nov 2019

Term of ERA Executive Director, Josef Doppelbauer extended for another five-year term
The Management Board of the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA) today extended the term of the Executive Director Josef Doppelbauer for a second five-year term.

22 Nov 2019

ERA issues a single safety certificate for THALYS
Josef Doppelbauer, Executive Director of ERA, signed today the single safety certificate for THALYS (THI Factory). This certificate is valid for a period of five years and covers an area of operation currently limited to France. THALYS continues to operate in Belgium under their safety certificates Part A and Part B until their validity expires.

12 Nov 2019

EUMedRail Annual Steering Committee held in Brussels
The Annual Steering Committee of the EUMedRail project was held in Brussels on 6 November 2019. Hosted by the Directorate for Mobility of the European Commission, the meeting was opened by Mr Peter Mihm, EUMedRail project manager, by Mr Talander Jansen on behalf of DG NEAR, Mr Bertrand Collignon from DG Move and Mr Francesc Carbonell representing the Union for the Mediterranean.

12 Nov 2019

Euromed and Western Balkans participate to the ERTMS Seminar and CCRCC 2019 organised by the EU Agency for Railways
The EU Agency for Railways organised 15 October an ERTMS seminar addressed to IPA and EUMedRail representatives with the objective of increasing their understanding on ETCS technology and exchanging practices on signaling systems.

01 Oct 2019

Dutch railway industry leaders signed the European Railway Safety Culture Declaration in Utrecht
Dutch railway industry leaders signed the European Railway Safety Culture Declaration in Utrecht, committing to raise awareness and promote a positive safety culture throughout the entire industry.