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Investigating SMS

The quality and depth of incident and accident investigations strongly impacts the potential for learning and the development of a safety culture inside any organisation or even an entire industry.

The agency has developed a training to provide an approach for analysing occurrences that will allow to link the findings related to the event with the Safety Management System (SMS) in a structured way, thereby enhancing system learning.

The training will introduce the SMS concept in a railway context and help understanding its benefits and limitations for a sustainable management of safety, as well as roles and responsibilities of all actors. Participants will gain understanding in how accident models determine the questions that will be asked and ultimately the lessons that will be learnt; the basic steps to analyse the capability of managing an activity safely, including the influence of Human and Organisational Factors (HOF) on performance; and how to formulate recommendations to improve the SMS.

The training can be online with participants from different organisations or can be adapted to suit the needs of an organisation with a team of analysts, for example. The target audience is accident investigators or event analysis practitioners with a basic experience.

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