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Transport of Dangerous Goods

ERA assists the European Commission in the development of the legislation concerning the Transport of Dangerous Goods (TDG) in order to continuously improve its safety and interoperability in a cost-effective way and to ensure the consistency of the legislation developed at EU level and at international level.

In order to achieve these objectives, ERA participates to the coordination of the Inland TDG Risk Management Framework and develops various positions, guides, recommendations or other initiatives, under the auspices of UNECE and OTIF , to further harmonise the approach to safety and interoperability of TDG.

In relation to the issues of TDG, ERA is working on the constant reduction of freight train derailments through diverse activities and also monitors stakeholders activities in the field of derailment prevention and mitigation.

For any questions relating to ERA activitites in the field of TDG please contact us via email

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