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Organisation Code Register (OCR)

For any questions regarding OCR, please send an email to

The EVR Decision 2018/1614 defines the Organisation Codes as a code consisting of four alphanumeric characters. Any Organisation accessing the EVR, or other ERA applications, where organisation code is requested, shall be assigned an organisation code.

Organisation Codes are allocated by the Agency to all interested parties, operating in the European Railway system.

The Organisation Codes are not the equivalent of RICS Company Codes issued by UIC. Each business entity operating in the Single European Railway Area and interacting with ERA hosted registers must have an allocated Organisation Code, even if it has a registered UIC RICS Code. Companies involved into TAF/TAP data exchange and companies cooperating with OSJD members, still need to obtain a 4 digit numeric code from UIC. For these companies ERA will allocate an Organisation Code with the same value as their obtained UIC RICS code.

Any request for a new alphanumeric Organisation Code or for modification of Organisation data should be submitted to the Agency via the following tool: Online Organisation Code management tool

IMPORTANT: Before requesting a new Organisation Code, please check that your organisation does not currently have one organisation code allocated. You can check your organisation at

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