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Selection Procedure

ERA conducts fair selection procedures in order to engage the best available candidates. ERA publishes the calls for applications for Temporary Agents and Contract Agents here.

The selection procedure will be organised as below:

  1. The Authority Authorised to Conclude Contracts (hereinafter AACC) sets up a Selection Committee. The names of the members are published on the ERA Website;
  2. The Selection Committee will check the submitted applications against the specific criteria described in the ‘Eligibility criteria’ section in the Call for applications;
  3. Applications satisfying these conditions will then be assessed and scored against the selection criteria described in the ‘Selection criteria’ section in the Call for applications;
  4. Only candidates who pass a minimum of (see section III- Selection Criteria of the Call) of the total points awarded for the selection criteria are taken into consideration.  From this list, the Selection Committee shortlists candidates with the highest scores to be invited for the interview and a written test;
  5. All interviews and the written test shall be done in English. If your mother tongue is English, the second language indicated in the application form shall be tested;
  6. The scores for the interviews and the written test are mentioned in the section IV – Interview and written test of the Call;
  7. Following the results of the interviews and the written test, candidates will be placed on the list of suitable candidates. The Selection Committee proposes lists of suitable candidates in ranking orderto the AACC to be put on the reserve list. Candidates should note that inclusion on this list does not guarantee engagement;
  8. The reserve list shall be valid until see section V - Summary of the Call. It may be extended via an AACC decision;
  9. The reserve list established via external selection procedures may be shared with other EU Regulatory Agencies and Joint Undertakings upon the candidates’ consent only;
  10. In compliance with Management Board (MB) Decision n°210, Title II, Art. 2(2), the Agency may exceptionally offer a contract of employment for a similar Contract Agent (CA) position to a successful laureate on a Temporary Agent (TA) reserve list;
  11. Candidates on the reserve lists may be required to undergo an interview with the Executive Director;
  12. Prior to being offered a contract of employment, appointed candidates shall be required to submit all relevant documents proving educational background and professional experience;
  13. Before engaging a temporary agent, the AACC examines whether the candidate has any personal interest such as to impair his/her independence or any other conflict of interest. The candidate shall inform the AACC, using a specific form of any actual or potential conflict of interest. If necessary, the AACC shall take any appropriate measures;
  14. The Agency applies very strict rules on conflict of interest. Given the special and specific nature of the work undertaken by ERA, specific rules on conflict of interests applicable to staff members have been adopted by the Management Board. For more information please refer to Decision No 199 of the Management Board Adopting the Framework for Good Administrative Behaviour dated 6 June 2019 and its Annex. Applicants must confirm their willingness to comply with these rules in their application form;
  15. Under no circumstances should candidates approach the selection committee, directly or indirectly, concerning this engagement. The AACC reserves the right to disqualify any candidate who disregards this instruction.

Any additional specificities shall be indicated in the Call for applications.

Tips for completing the ERA application form - July 2022

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