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ERA Railway Factsheets

ERA Railway Factsheets provide statistics and insights from several sources in an accessible format.

Press briefing

Click here to watch the recording of the press briefing organised on 6 December 2023, which marked the official launch of the ERA Railway Factsheets. You can also download the press release published after this event. 

Click on a country to open the associated ERA Railway Factsheet:

Change log

The ERA Railway Factsheets will be regularly updated. This log keeps track of recent changes. 

  • 30 November 2023: update of all ERA Railway Factsheets
  • 12 July 2023: publication of ERA Railway Factsheets


The factsheets are automatically generated. ERA is not responsible for any possible errors that may be included in the factsheets nor for decisions that are taken based on the presented information. Reproduction is allowed with reference to the European Union Agency for Railways as its source.

Comments, suggestions and data correction requests can be sent to

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