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Safety Leadership Training - Featured

Safety Leadership

Safety management can only be effective when all staff share and live a common commitment to safety. This is where leadership plays a paramount role to guide any cultural change. This key contribution is underlined in the safety culture model and the safety culture declaration.

Safety is a state of mind. Safety requires time and resources and above all dedication, from the top to the bottom. Let’s not leave anyone behind! As leaders, your behaviour counts more than anyone else’s. You have a major influence on culture and this is why we expect you to be safety leaders.

The Agency has developed a 1-day training on safety leadership targeting rail managers at all levels.

This original classroom and highly interactive training is based on a film which explores the circumstances leading to a real accident. Click here to see the trailer.

Click here to watch some pilot stakeholders’ feedback.

Dissemination starts at the highest level of responsibility to support the effective reinforcement of safety leadership across the organisation.