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Generic ETCS Driver’s Handbook

Acknowledging the lack of a harmonized manual for the use of ETCS, ERA developed a generic ETCS driver’s Handbook to address the needs of the users. This Handbook concerns baseline 3 On-board Units (OBUs), i.e. those applying sets of specifications #2 and #3 of CCS TSI Annex A (2.3.0d OBUs are not in scope as the Driver Machine Interface is not harmonized under set of specifications #1).

The Handbook covers both B3 software versions (SRS 3.4.0 and SRS 3.6.0), all possible system versions X.Y, all operating levels, modes, OBU options and screen technologies.

It is provided in open-source MS Word and HTML versions, in English, French and German.

This Handbook is meant to serve the following uses (indicative list):

  • Be a reference user’s manual for all possible configurations of B3 OBUs;
  • Be used to derive dedicated drivers’ manuals for specific OBU implementations in specific rolling stock types;
  • Constitute a comprehensive harmonized tutorial for drivers’ training purposes;
  • Serve to elaborate questions for drivers’ competence certification;

When using the MS Word version of the Handbook for a specific rolling-stock type fitted with a specific ETCS OBU, it is advisable to customize it so that only information relevant to that specific configuration is provided to the user. Such customization can be carried out by applying the instructions contained in the Customization Guide.

Users can also complement the Handbook with additional information concerning the specific rolling stock on which the OBU is installed, potential Class B system instructions or applicable company rules. Advice on how to do so while respecting the overall coherence of the Handbook is also included in the Customization Guide.

An HTML Guide is equally provided explaining how to download, configure and use the HTML version in a digital medium (e.g. a tablet). This version may either be configured by the end users themselves or be customized before being handed over to them; both options are equally covered in the Guide.

It is underlined that the Handbook contains no new specifications compared to the existing CCS TSI and OPE TSI; it only extracts out of the existing specifications those parts that are relevant to the driver and present them to him/her in a concise and user-friendly manner.

The generic ETCS driver’s Handbook has been compiled by INECO SA under a contract with ERA, with guidance from the operational experts of the ERTMS Operational Harmonization (OH) workgroup of ERA.

Although every effort has been made to eliminate all errors, some may still persist. Users are prompted to report to ERA such occurrences or other suggestions for improvement.

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