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Calls for tenders

To carry out its activities, ERA may buy services and supplies from selected contractors. The public procurement rules of the European Union institutions apply.

Title Reference Closing date Status
ERA-2019-1-OP 04/03/2019 Closed


Le présent appel d’offres a pour objet l’organisation de cours de langues à l’Agence. Le présent appel d’offres sera attribué sous la forme d’un accord-cadre en cascade avec un maximum de 3 opérateurs économiques (sous réserve d’un nombre suffisant d’offres conformes).

Les documents de marché sont disponibles à l’adresse :

ERA-2018-36-OP 18/02/2019 Closed


The European Union Agency for Railways wishes to select service providers that can assist the Agency with carrying out activities related to the role of assessor in the new task of ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System) trackside approval. The framework contracts should allow the Agency access to ERTMS experts that are able to assess the technical documents, also if they are only available in the language of the applicants’ Member States. The aim of the tender procedure is to establish framework contracts with maximum three service providers to perform the services detailed in the procurement documents.

All documentation is available at

ERA-2018-27-OP 14/12/2018 Closed


Le présent appel d’offres a pour objet des prestations de services de traiteur et de restauration rapide lors de réunions de travail, séminaires et/ou conférences pour le siège opérationnel de Lille.

Toute la documentation est disponible à l’adresse suivante :

ERA-2018-26-OP 07/11/2018 Closed


L’agence de l'UE pour les chemins de fer («Agence») désire conclure un contrat-cadre de prestations de services pour la prise en charge de la maintenance de toutes les installations techniques et composantes de l’immeuble actuel de l’agence à Valenciennes, ainsi qu’afin de réaliser tous travaux rendus nécessaires au sein du bâtiment. La mission du soumissionnaire comprendra toute intervention nécessaire aux prestations de conduite, d'entretien préventif ou curatif, de dépannage et de remplacement de pièces relatives aux installations techniques du bâtiment de l’agence. La mission du soumissionnaire comprendra également l’adaptation des installations techniques du bâtiment.

Toute la documentation est disponible à l’adresse suivante

ERA-2018-34-OP 26/10/2018 Closed


The aim of the tender procedure is to establish a contract for the compilation of a harmonized handbook on the use of the onboard equipment of ERTMS/ETCS (European Rail Traffic Management System / European Train Control System) by the driver of a train fitted with this system.

All documentation is available at

ERA-2018-04-OP 28/05/2018 Closed


Lot 1: Auditor ISO 45001:2018 certification training: To provide a training and an IRCA certified training course certificate that will ensure the required level of competence to audit a safety management system according to ISO 45001:2018 (approximately 40 Agency and volunteering NSA auditors).

Lot 2: NSA Monitoring Training: This lot is for training for the NSA Monitoring programme ensuring that auditors are capable of applying either the Matrix and/or compliance audit according to Management Decision N°161.

​All documentation is available at

ERA-2017-39-OP 05/12/2017 Closed


Appel d’offres de l’Agence de l’Union européenne pour les chemins de fer (l’AGENCE) : Le présent marché a pour objet des « Services traiteur et restauration rapide lors de réunions de travail, séminaires et/ou conférences. »

Tous les documents sont consultables en libre-accès à l’adresse

ERA-2017-31-OP 18/09/2017 Closed


The main objective of the study is to provide information and conclusions on the most suitable options for on-board communication system architecture concepts, which could provide sufficient flexibility to support the current and future user needs, to allow changes related to other radio technologies, radio frequencies and applications during its lifetime - roughly between 2020 and 2040 -, at low costs for updating activities. Hence not only software architecture, but also hardware architecture has to be investigated. Specific attention has to be paid to the support of radio-applications which are currently mandatory in the CCS TSI.

​All documentation is available at

ERA-2017-23-OP 21/09/2017 Closed


The aim of this call for tender is to get an overview of the overall situation of existing interlocking, block systems and traffic management systems, of their expected remaining useful life, of plans to replace/renew them, and of the ambitions of the railways in terms of functionality and architectures for their future CCS systems (excluding ERTMS). This will help the Agency in its strategic reflection to improve further the conditions for the ERTMS deployment, and on the evolution of the rest of the CCS system.

​All documentation is available at

ERA-2017-16-OP 17/07/2017 Closed


The Agency, through its Corporate Management and Evaluation Unit perfoms economic evaluation tasks for which various data on costs and benefits is needed. Most of these tasks fall under the following four categories:

  • Impact assessments;
  • Early impact assessments;
  • Ex post evaluations;
  • Monitoring and evaluation

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  • Contract award notice (116.66 KB)
  • Planned low and middle-value procedures

    This ex-ante publicity is the first stage of negotiated procurement procedures through which the Agency may award a contract. This publication has an indicative value and constitutes no obligation to award a contract.

    Only the tenderers invited by the contracting authority (i.e. the Agency) to participate in a specific procedure will be admissible.

    Economic operators are given the possibility to express their interest to participate as candidate in the subsequent procurement procedure, either by email or by using the contact form on our website, selecting as type of request: “Procurement”.

    Title Estimated Contract Value Status
    Stand builder for InnoTrans 100,000 € Closed
    Assurances Multirisques 55,000 Closed
    Data visualization tool 10,000 € Closed
    Provision of training for an effective peer review of recognition body in Reg 402-2013 25,000 € Closed
    Development of Innovative Material for a Tailored Workshop on Railway Safety Leadership 132 250 € Closed

    Call for Expression of Interests

    The Call for Expression of Interest (CEI) aims at establishing a database of independent external experts (only individuals - not representing any company/organisation), meeting the set minimum requirements, who could be contracted, as described in the specifications, to provide certain limited support/assistance to the Agency on particular tasks/projects/programmes where their independent and specific expertise is required. Where support is required, and depending on the tasks to be performed, contracts shall be assigned to the most suitable experts in terms of competence and experience and in accordance with the principles of non-discrimination, equal treatment and absence of conflict of interests.

    Title Reference Closing date Status
    ERA-2018-18-CEI 31/12/2020 Ongoing

    Publication Date



    Call for expressions of interest (CEI) to establish a list of Independent experts to provide expertise to the European Union Agency for Railways in the domain of technical cooperation.

    The list resulting from this notice is valid from dispatch of this notice and for the duration of the multi-annual programme EUMedRail (valid until 31 December 2020). If the project implementation is extended, the duration of this call for interest may go beyond 31 December 2020. Interested parties may submit an application at any time prior to the last three months of validity of the list.

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  • Call for expression of interest (CEI): to establish a list of Independent experts for the EUMEDRAIL-project 2018/S 130-295566 (80.59 KB)