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European Railway Agency Database of Interoperability and Safety (ERADIS)

Content type(s)

Contact details of relevant national organisations: safety authorities, investigation bodies, accreditation bodies, recognition bodies

Safety certificates for railway undertakings

Licences for providing rail transport services by railway undertakings

Information on the Entities in Charge of Maintenance: the schema decided in each member state, certification bodies documents, ECM certificates and maintenance functions certificates, Recommendations for use agreed by the certification bodies network

Information on the CSM Assessment Bodies: the decision on the use of schema for acknowledging the competence of CSM assessment bodies, the CSM Assessment Bodies documents

Annual reports of national safety authorities and national investigation bodies

EC declarations of verification of subsystems

EC declarations of conformity of constituents

EC declarations of suitability for use of interoperability constituents

Authorisations for placing in service of fixed installations

Link to the national vehicle registers ECVVR

Railway Undertaking Service Quality Reports

Supporting documents

Safety Documents

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Interoperability documents

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European Identification Number

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Valid licences issued by the licencing authorities in accordance with Directive 95/18/EC up to 1st May 2007 (Not published in ERADIS)

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Rail Service Quality standards and reports publication procedure and contents

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ERADIS Terms of Use

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