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Reference Document Database (RDD)

There is an access to the Contact Us form within each FAQ item. As we are currently experiencing a large number of requests, you are strongly recommended to read the FAQs of your subject matter or to search the website for your inquiry before contacting us. 

The Reference Document Database (RDD) is a public register providing public access, without registration, to the National Technical Rules (and their classification) published by the Member States.

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RDD provides a free subscription to the publications via the home page, just above the list of publications:

  • RDD Publications RSS Feed
  • Subscribe e-mail for notification of publications.
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There are two main possibilities:

  • for online consultation, please access from the RDD menu (Part II - NRD\National Technical Rules) which displays the NTR search page, select the desired filtering options and press the ‘Search’ button
  • for offline consultation, please access from the RDD menu (Reports), select the desired report from the provided list (e.g. List of National Technical) and after selecting the desired parameters for the report, press the ‘View Report’ button. After execution, the report can be saved (we recommend MS Excel format) for offline consultation.
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