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Control Command and Signalling TSI

This TSI concerns the control command and signalling on-board and trackside subsystems. It applies to control-command and signalling on-board subsystems of vehicles which are (or are intended to be) operated on and control-command and signalling trackside subsystems of the rail network of the European Union.

Different ERTMS baselines, as specified in Appendix A to TSI CCS, may coexist together in vehicles and trackside equipments:

  • ETCS baseline 2 and GSM-R baseline
  • ETCS baseline 3 maintenance release 1 (MR1) and GSM-R baseline 1, correcting numerous errors in ETCS baseline 2 and adding new functionalities
  • ETCS baseline 3 release 2 (R2) and GSM-R baseline 1, with the inclusion of EGPRS (GPRS with mandatory EDGE support) in the GSM-R specification and the correction of errors to ensure backwards and forwards compatibility with ETCS baseline 3 MR1.
  • ETCS baseline 4, with the addition of ATO baseline 1,RMR: GSM-R B1 MR1 and FRMCS baseline 0.

Backwards compatibility is also provided between vehicles equipped with ETCS baseline 3 and tracskide equipped with ETCS baseline 2. More info on backwards and forwards compatibility of ETCS baselines.

The mandatory ERTMS specifications (e.g. Subset-026) for the corresponding baseline and release (as set out in Appendix A of TSI CCS) are available here.

The informative ERTMS specifications for the corresponding baseline and release are available here.

The archived ERTMS set of specifications from the previous Annex A are stored here.

The archived ERTMS informative specifications are stored here.

A generic ETCS driver’s handbook is available here.

The ERTMS specifications are managed according to the ERA Change Control Management (CCM).

ERA is responsible to identify all errors that potentially could not allow the system to provide a normal service and to publish as early as possible the respective solutions to correct them as well as the evaluation of their impact in the compatibility and stability of the existing ERTMS deployment. More info on error corrections of current ETCS baselines.

In order to facilitate transparency and interoperability between the different sets of specifications laid down in the CCS TSI, ERA has assessed, together with the sector, the compatibility between ETCS baselines.

Technical document

ESC/RSC Technical Document

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