European Railway Agency - ERA

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28 Jun 2018

Visit from Polytechnical University Hauts-de-France
The Agency had the pleasure to receive Professor Frédéric Vanderhaegen and his team from the Polytechnical University of Hauts-de-France.

23 May 2018

ERA Launches SMS App
The Agency proudly presents its first mobile App on rail safety management sytem (SMS), which is now available both in Google play and Apple stores

15 May 2018

Korean Delegation at the Agency
A delegation from the Republic of Korea visited the European Union Agency for Railways at its headquarters in Valenciennes.

25 Apr 2018

EUMedRail Countries Present the Railway Development Plans
The EUMedRail conference on National Action Plans organised by the EUMedRail team of the European Union Agency for Railways on 23-25 April 2018 in Ljubljana, gathered public officials from Ministries of Transport, railway experts and international financial institutions to discuss the railway plans of the Southern Neighbourhood countries

23 Apr 2018

ETSI Workshop Developing the Future Radio for Rail Transport, 4-5 July 2018
ETSI will held this 2nd workshop in July, providing an update on the activities related to the next generation radio for rail worldwide

16 Apr 2018

Multimodal Year 2018 - Event on EU Freight
The European Commission, the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA), and the International Union for Road-Rail Combined Transport (UIRR) have joined forces to discuss pressing issues in the field of Multimodality - on 16 May 2018 in Brussels

15 Apr 2018

Women in Transport
The objective of the Women in Transport - EU Platform for change is to strengthen women's employment and equal opportunities for women and men in the transport sector.

09 Apr 2018

4RP Readiness Survey
The Management Board (MB) of the Agency has decided to launch a light survey on the readiness of the whole EU Railway Community for the implementation of the Fourth Railway Package’s Technical Pillar

12 Mar 2018

EUMEDRAIL Project Strengthens Collaboration between Europe and Southern Mediterranean region
The EUMEDRAIL Project was kicked of in late 2017 to provide assistance to EU neighbouring regions in setting up railway authorities. Following an ambitious action plan, the team is yielding first results

12 Mar 2018

EUMedRail project supports railway revitalisation
The Minister of Transport praises EUMedRail project to support railway revitalisation