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About the Results

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It is up to the organisation how to use the results. It can be an input into a safety culture action plan, a part of a risk management cycle, a start of a more structured approach to the understanding and development of safety culture, a way to discuss safety with other stakeholders in the sector, etc.

Most sections and visualisations of the digital report can be made available in the main survey language (selected by the survey coordinator of the partner organisation).

The results should be made available to the survey coordinator within one month after the survey is closed. The exact date will depend on the amount of surveys finishing at a given time period. 

The results of a partner version will be transmitted only to the survey coordinator of the partner organisation. The data collected inside a partner organisation will be also added to the European pool of responses, but without any reference to that specific partner organisation.

The Agency will not share any results of a partner with its NSA. While we encourage sharing the survey results with the NSA, this decision belongs to the partner’s organisation.

Yes, a digital report with the results will be provided to the survey coordinator of the partner organisation. We encourage a wide dissemination of the survey results within the partner organisation.

This is up to the partner: the results can be externally shared with the regulators, other companies, contractors/suppliers, customers as well as the general public.