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EuroMed Rail Safety and Interoperability Project (EUMedRail)

Project duration: 2017-2022

Budget: €2 million

The main objective of the project is to provide technical assistance to further develop an integrated, safe and efficient transport system in the EuroMed region, and in particular, improve safe and interoperable railway transport.

Countries covered: Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine*, and Tunisia.


The project aims to support the implementation of rail actions of the Regional Transport Action Plan 2021-2027, in line with previous regional plans, by promoting regulatory convergence with EU and international legislation and standards, facilitating interoperability, and increasing partner countries’ participation in activities of ERA.

Actions in brief:

The project will:

  • Support the creation of a network of railway experts in the region;
  • Provide assistance for the development, implementation, maintenance and continual improvement of safety management systems;
  • Support the creation and operation of national safety authorities and independent investigation bodies, in line with EU railway legislation
  • Foster technical harmonization and facilitate international railway transport in cooperation with the Intergovernmental Organisation for International Carriage by Rail (OTIF), through adherence to and implementation of COTIF technical appendices
  • Provide support on identified priority areas of partner countries (data collection, risk management, safety monitoring and supervision, accident investigation, technical specifications for interoperability, ERTMS, etc.).
  • Raise awareness on project activities and results

To be further acquainted with the EUMedRail Project, please have a look at the following Webinar ERA organised in April 2021 (most relevant part: between 34:55 and 43:50) :