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Register of Records Processing Activities

TitleReferenceBusiness Unit-SectorLast UpdateAttachment
Selection-Assignment of Trainees at ERA: Paid and Unpaid1Human Resources09/09/2021Record 1
Probationary Period and Career Development Review processes at ERA3Human Resources09/09/2021Record 3
e-HR - Human Resources central database4Human Resources09/09/2021Record 4
Health data5Human Resources09/09/2021Record 5
Selection and engagment of  TA  staff, Contract staff (procedure applied by analogy) & Seconded National Experts 6Human Resources09/09/2021Record 6
Register Records  kept by the Data Protection Officer and Access to the Register of Records7Executive Director20/05/2020Record 7
Processing of Personal Data in the context of Registering Bank Account File and Legal Entity File8Finance and Procurement Unit27/04/2020Record 8
Processing of Personal Data in the context of ERA’s procurement procedures (tendering documents) and contract management9Finance and Procurement Unit27/04/2020Record 9
Processing of Personal Data in the context of Mission management (including travel order sent to the travel agency)10Finance and Procurement Unit27/04/2020Record 10
Salary payments process11Human Resources09/09/2021Record 11
Change Control Management tool for Telematics Applications for Passenger services / Telematics applications for freigth12Railway Systems Department23/06/2020Record 12
EUROPEAN CENTRALISED VIRTUAL VEHICLE REGISTER (ECVVR)13Analysis and Monitoring Unit03/01/2020Record 13
Communication of personal data of ERA staff to the Permanent Representations of the Member States to the EU (Perm Reps) and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA)14Human Resources09/09/2021Record 14
Access to the ERA's building in Valenciennes15ITFM21/03/2023Record 15
Leave Management 16Human Resources09/09/2021Record 16
Management of Individual Rights 17Human Resources09/09/2021Record 17
Personnel Files 18Human Resources09/09/2021Record 18
Responses to questionnaires related to input needed for economic analysis and monitoring railway system22Analysis and Monitoring Unit20/02/2024

Record 22

Data Protection Notice

Training of ERA staff23Human Resources09/09/2021Record 23
Renewal of contract of employment of the ERA statutory staff24Human Resources09/09/2021Record 24
Reclassification of eligible temporary and contract agents at the ERA25Human Resources09/09/2021Record 25
Audio recordings of the Board meetings and Management Team meetings (Management Board, Executive Board)26Executive Office and Communication Unit22/06/2020Record 26
Measurement, Analysis and Improvement Process (including ex-ante review of all recruitment procedures/contracts)27Executive Director19/06/2020Record 27
E-mail system of the European Railway Agency29ITFM30/06/2020Record 29
Internet rules of the European Railway Agency30ITFM30/06/2020Record 30
Back-end part of the E-mail system of the ERA31ITFM30/06/2020Record 31
Management Registry Board of Appeal33Executive Office and Communication Unit Record 33
Outside activities and assignments – Declaration of possible conflict of interests of ERA staff34Executive Director19/06/2020Record 34
Agency Extranet / Collaboration Space35ITFM30/06/2020Record 35
ServiceDesk Self-Service Portal processing36Resources and Support Unit30/06/2020Record 36
Request  for new / renewal of access badges to the EC premises.37Human Resources09/09/2021Record 37
ERTMS Change Control Management38Railway Systems Department26/06/2020Record 38
Reference Document Database (RDD)39Analysis and Monitoring Unit29/05/2020Record 39
Use of mobile phone for the ERA staff40ITFM30/06/2020Record 40
Events organised or co-organised by ERA (conferences, workshops, dissemination and trainings, exhibitions, meetings, e.g., Working Parties, either in physical, hybrid or online format)42Monitoring, Analysis, Research and Stakeholders Unit19/02/2024

Record 42

Data Protection Notice

Publication of personal data of ERA staff on the Agency's Intranet and Extranet43Executive Office and Communication Unit30/06/2020Record 43
Delivery and control of the access requests to parking facilities44ITFM30/06/2020Record 44
Delivery and control of the permission note to use ERA outdoor parking facilities in Valenciennes45ITFM30/06/2020Record 45
Appointment of representatives nominated by the Representative Bodies to ERA Working Parties (WPs)46Railway Systems Department24/06/2020Record 46
Informal procedure and selection of confidential counsellors for cases of psychological and sexual harassment in the ERA.48Human Resources09/09/2021Record 48
Administrative inquiries and disciplinary proceedings at the ERA49Human Resources09/09/2021Record 49
EUROPEAN REGISTER OF AUTHORISED TYPES OF VEHICLES (ERATV)50Analysis and Monitoring Unit12/12/2019Record 50
Declarations of Interests members of the Board of Appeal  51Executive Office and Communication Unit Record 51
Unified Communication Platform53ITFM30/06/2020Record 53
IT staff on-site availability planning54ITFM30/06/2020Record 54
FM staff on-site  planned presence55ITFM30/06/2020Record 55
Collection and Publication of Declarations of Interests (DoIs) and CVs of ERA Board Members56ERA22/06/2020Record 56
Register of Infrastructure (RINF) Common User Interface (CUI)58Analysis and Monitoring Unit21/02/2020Record 58
Privileged Accounts Management60ITFM30/06/2020Record 60
Generic notification on IT infrastructure61ITFM30/06/2020Record 61
Staff Committee Elections62Human Resources09/09/2021Record 62
Enterprise Project Management 63Executive Director24/06/2020Record 63
Pre-selection phase TA, CA, SNE64Human Resources30/06/2020Record 64
Implementation Co-operation Group Telematics Applications for Freight65Railway Systems Department23/06/2020Record 65
Travels’ agency provision of services66ITFM30/06/2020Record 66
Incoming/outgoing Mail Registration System67Executive Office and Communication Unit26/06/2020Record 67
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the assessment of the results achieved by the Executive Director of the European Union Agency for Railways69Executive Office and Communication Unit30/06/2020Record 69
Agency Consultation70Railway Systems Department Record 70
Stakeholder Relations Management (SRM)71Executive Office and Communication Unit14/05/2020Record 71
Microsoft Outlook Calendar visibility72ITFM30/06/2020Record 72
Personal data incl. competences and skills of candidate peer evaluators to participate in the peer evaluation of recognition bodies for the purpose of Regulation 402/201373Analysis and Monitoring Unit29/06/2020Record 73
Azure Active Directory at ERA 74ITFM24/05/2021Record 74
Personal data of prospecting auditors to participate in the NSA monitoring activity 75Analysis and Monitoring Unit16/11/2023

Record 75

Data Protection Notice

Processing of personal data in relation to the Declaration of interests and Declaration of absence of conflict of interests submitted by Staff members and SNE76Executive Director18/05/2020Record 76
Acquisition, editing, management and publication of photos and videos to be used for promotional and information purposes77Monitoring, Analysis, Research and Stakeholders Unit19/02/2024

Record 77

Data Protection Notice

Processing of personal data in relation to the Declaration of interests and Declaration of absence of conflict of interests submitted by independent experts78Executive Director18/05/2020Record 78
Processing of personal data in relation to the Declaration of interests submitted by candidates before being engaged by the Agency79Executive Director18/05/2020Record 79
Requests and complaints concerning statutory rights under Art.90 Staff Regulations 80Human Resources09/09/2021Record 80
Webinars organised by ERA81Montoring, Analysis, Research and Stakeholders Unit07/06/2023

Record 81

Data Protection Notice ERA Webinars

Processing of Personal data in the context of the Review of NIB accident investigation reports.82Analysis and Monitoring Unit26/11/2019Record 82
Audits & Inspections under Monitoring system for notified conformity assessment bodies (NoBos)83Analysis and Monitoring Unit17/11/2023

Record 83

Data Protection Notice

Processing of personal data of prospective users to publish safety alerts in the Safety Alerts IT (SAIT) tool86Analysis and Monitoring Unit Record 86
Staff survey on organisational culture for the Better Togheter at ERA project 87Executive Office and Communication Unit23/06/2020Record 87
Implementation Co-operation Group Telematics Applications for Passengers89Railway Systems Department Record 89
One-Stop Shop (OSS)90Planning and Approvals Delivery Unit26/06/2020Record 90
NSA Allocated Experts assisting the Agency's 4th RP related assessments 91Planning and Approvals Delivery Unit29/06/2020Record 91
List of contact points for the application of the cooperation agreements92Planning and Approvals Delivery Unit Record 92
Publication of personal data of ERA staff on the Agency's website93Monitoring, Analysis, Research and Stakeholders Unit08/12/2023Record 93
Processing of health data related to COVID-1994Resources and Suppor Unit Record 94
SINGLE RULES DATABASE (SRD)95Analysis and Monitoring Unit Record 95
Staff Committee elections’ eVote processing96 Executive Director Record 96
Questionnaire about skills for SSC assessments and SSC register of resources97Safety and Operations Unit Record 97
Content creation and collaboration by means of Microsoft Office 365 online98Resources and Support Unit Record 98
COVID-19: Red Scenario implementing measures99Resources and Support Unit Record 99
SYSPER II100Resources and Support Unit Record 100
Organisation Codes Register (OCR)101Analysis and Monitoring Unit Record 101
Processing of Personal Data in the context of the operations of a video-surveillance system102Resources and Support Unit 

Record 102

Data Protection Notice

Declaration of confidentiality Management Board 104Corporate Assurance and Performance Unit Record 104
Creation and management of electronic access cards for accessing ERA building105Resources and Support Unit Record 105
CERT-EU services106Resources and Support Unit Record 106
Moodle eLearning platform108Monitoring, Analysis, Research and Stakeholders Unit 

Record 108

Data Protection Notice