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International Activities
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Transport of Dangerous Goods  
The Regulation and Safety Monitoring Sector assists the European Commission in the development of rules concerning the Transport of Dangerous Goods. The principal objectives are:
  • To assist the European Commission in continuously improving the safety of the transport of dangerous goods by rail in a cost-effective way,
  • To ensure the consistency of rules developed at EU level and under the auspices of international organisations.
These objectives are achieved in collaboration with the following bodies (please see the box below):


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  • EU Committee on the Inland Transport of Dangerous Goods (ITDGC),
  • EU Committee on the Interoperability and Safety of Union’s Railways (RISC).
  • RID Committee of experts on the carriage of dangerous goods by rail
    • RID Working Group on Tank and Vehicle Technology
    • RID Working Group on Standardized Risk Analysis
    • Other working groups when relevant
  • Joint Meeting of the RID Committee of Experts and the Working Party on the Transport of Dangerous Goods
  • Working Group on Telematics for the transport of dangerous goods
  • Working Group on the prevention of BLEVEs

 Related Documents

Publication date Title
02-08-2017ERA’s presented the 1st version of the guidelines for information at the 7th session of RID Committee of Experts Standing Working Group. ERA explained that the Guidelines reflected, in simple terms, the applicable legal requirements for the safe and interoperable use of derailment detectors. Some delegations requested the possibility to comment the Guidelines. ERA opened the consultation from 16/12/2016 until 06/02/2017 to National Safety Authorities and the Network of the Representative Bodies and informed OTIF on the 13/12/2016. OTIF forwarded the information concerning the consultation to the representatives of the RID Standing Group Experts on the 20/01/2017, when publishing the final minutes of the 7th RID STD WG session ERA took into account all the comments received, even after the announced deadline. ERA received 58 comments from the following parties: (TDG) Competent authorities: DE, CH National Safety Authorities: DE, FR, IT, FI, SE International organisation: OTIF Sector associations: EIM, ERFA, AFW National institute: RIVM (NL) ERA provided detailed answers to the comments and proposed amendments to the guidelines in the document review – comment sheet (mainly clarifications). These amendments are reported in the final guidelines, clearly visible in track change mode.
16-12-2014Invitation, Draft Agenda and Directions to the venue
08-07-2014Invitation, Draft Agenda and Directions to the venue of the 2nd Workshop on Risk Evaluation and Assessment in the context of rail, road and inland waterways Transport of Dangerous Goods.
26-03-2014Presentations of the workshop on National Safety Rules in the context of rail transport of dangerous goods


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