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DV29bis Workshop and NSR NTR Workshop 
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DV29bis Workshop
To inform Member States and the railway sector ERA organised on 21st of October a workshop on the update of Decision 2011/217/EC. The workshop was attended by more than 90 participants. Highlight of this workshop and well appraised by the participants had been the discussion in groups on the application of the decision for different authorisation cases.
NSR/NTR workshop
On the 22nd of October ERA organized a workshop on National Rules (including NTRs as well as NSRs). It has been the first commonly organized workshop for both type of rules. Topics of this workshop had been the implementation of a new module in NOTIF-IT (the database for the notification of rules) for drafted Safety wells as well as the notification of National Technical Rules required by the update of TSIs with extended scope for the whole network.
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