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InnoTrans 2022 - ERA and VDB sign memorandum to make European processes more efficient and to further strengthen competences of applicants

Published: 22 September 2022 Updated: 26 November 2022

By signing the agreement at the VDB stand at InnoTrans 2022 in Berlin, both parties agree to put all effort into making the process of European authorisation procedures simpler and more efficient and to forcefully familiarise applicants with the processes in a constructive dialogue. Furthermore, this is the first step for ERA to become the approval body for rail vehicles.

Press release

"We are pleased to continue the constructive dialogue with the German industry and take it to the next level," said ERA Executive Director Josef Doppelbauer. "The agreement reflects a truly lived European spirit on both sides and a commitment to maintain the credibility of the rail system while considering rail safety as the highest and non-negotiable asset."

Axel Schuppe, Managing Director of the VDB added, "Mutual trust is the necessary prerequisite to achieve the common goals. Here we are creating the platform for a constructive exchange where experiences and requests for improvement can flow into the European authorisation procedures."

The focus is on improving administrative procedures, continuing and deepening the dialogue in order to continue building competences. In addition, time, effort and costs are to be saved by the Agency taking over the role of the certification body. This means that in an integrated process, applicants no longer have to register the vehicle separately after registration, but are automatically added to the register.

Background information

About the EU Agency for Railways:

The European Union Agency for Railways was established in Valenciennes  in 2004, and has 188 employees representing more than 22 European Member States. 

ERA has been providing EU Member States and the European Commission with technical assistance in the development and implementation of the Single European Railway Area. This comprises enhancing technical interoperability and harmonising rules, promoting simplified access for customers, developing a common approach to safety and safety culture, advising on telematics applications and ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System), monitoring National Safety Authorities and Notified Bodies and facilitating the exchange of information between the railway actors in Europe. 

Since 16th June 2019 the EU Agency for Railways is mandated to issue single safety certificates and vehicle (type) authorisations valid in multiple European countries and to ensure an interoperable European Rail Traffic Management System.

About the German Railway Industry:

The German Railway Industry Association (VDB) unites the manufacturers of all products for the railway operation – i.e. manufacturers of vehicles, control and safety technologies, infrastructure as well as the suppliers and service companies belonging to them – under its roof.

VDB organises the expert exchange of experiences of the members and bundles the interests of the branch. What will become more and more important for the future and has already been important so far, is the representation of interests towards politics, customers, media, financial institutions and other associations – both nationally and internationally.

In addition to that VDB is engaged in a fair and cooperative business relation between the system houses and the supplying industry. All this is strengthening the association and thus the whole railway industry. It is an alliance for a promising future.

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ERA and VDB sign memorandum to make European processes more efficient and to further strengthen competences of applicants

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ERA and VDB sign memorandum to make European processes more efficient and to further strengthen competences of applicants

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