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To carry out its activities, ERA may buy services and supplies from selected contractors. The public procurement rules of the European Union institutions apply.

Title Reference Closing date Status
ERA-2016-02-OP 09/03/2016 Closed


4th railway package — liability.

The notice involves the establishment of a framework agreement: no

Legal analysis under EU law of specific aspects related to the implementation of the Agency's new tasks envisaged after the adoption of the European Commission legislative proposal 4th railway package

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  • ERA-2016-01-OP 09/03/2016 Closed


    Feasibility of satellite for railway communication Study on feasibility of satellite communication to serve the railway-specific voice and/or (ETCS) data communication services.

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  • Planned low and middle-value procedures

    This ex-ante publicity is the first stage of negotiated procurement procedures through which the Agency may award a contract. This publication has an indicative value and constitutes no obligation to award a contract.

    Only the tenderers invited by the contracting authority (i.e. the Agency) to participate in a specific procedure will be admissible.

    Economic operators are given the possibility to express their interest to participate as candidate in the subsequent procurement procedure, either by email or by using the contact form on our website, selecting as type of request: “Procurement”.

    Call for Expression of Interests

    The Call for Expression of Interest (CEI) aims at establishing a database of independent external experts (only individuals - not representing any company/organisation), meeting the set minimum requirements, who could be contracted, as described in the specifications, to provide certain limited support/assistance to the Agency on particular tasks/projects/programmes where their independent and specific expertise is required. Where support is required, and depending on the tasks to be performed, contracts shall be assigned to the most suitable experts in terms of competence and experience and in accordance with the principles of non-discrimination, equal treatment and absence of conflict of interests.