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Staff liability insurance

OpenPlanned low and middle-value procedures

Procurement details

Opening date

SCOPE: Professional liability

INSURED PERSONS: Staff and "experts" (non-staff) working on behalf of ERA

MINIMUM INSURED ACTIVITIES: Delivery of Single Safety Certificate, Vehicle Authorisation, ERTMS Trackside Approval, details in ERA website - estimated annual fees and charges 8 M€

This ex-ante publicity is the first stage of negotiated procurement procedures through which the Agency may award a contract. This publication has an indicative value and constitutes no obligation to award a contract.

Only the tenderers invited by the contracting authority (i.e. the Agency) to participate in a specific procedure will be admissible.

Economic operators are given the possibility to express their interest to participate as candidate in the subsequent procurement procedure by email to

Estimated contract value: 120 000 €