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Inland TDG

With the general objective of leveling the approach to risk-based decision-making and to facilitate the use of risk estimation technics, the European Commission (DG MOVE) and ERA, in collaboration with all interested organisations, started the development of a harmonised technical framework for the Transport of Dangerous Goods (TDG), applicable to Roads, Railways and Inland waterways. This initiative is called the TDG Roadmap and entails a two phase approach.

The first phase of the TDG Roadmap is now complete and a series of guides is made publically accessible to all interested users, for voluntary use.

ERA, with the help of the Expert Users and Development Group (EUDG), is also coordinating a series of activities for facilitating the use of this framework. These activities form the second phase of the TDG Roadmap.

Details on on-going activities will be soon provided on the DG MOVE website.

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