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4RP transposition deadline postponed to 31st October 2020

4RP transposition deadline postponed to 31st October 2020

27 May 2020

The Rail Safety and Interoperability Directives of the 4th Railway Package provided Member States with a choice of two transposition deadlines – 16 June 2019, or, upon notification to the Commission and the European Union Agency for Railways, 16 June 2020.

In the light of the COVID-19 outbreak, some Member States have requested to postpone the transposition deadline of 16th June 2020.

As part of the emergency measures adopted by the Commission in reaction to the extraordinary situation caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, Member States will be able to complete the process until 31 October 2020.

The new EU Directive on the extension of the transposition periods has been published today, 27 May 2020, on the Official Journal of the European Union and will enter into force tomorrow, 28 May 2020.

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