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Consultation on the revision of the TSI relating to telematics applications for freight (TAF TSI)

Published: 10 January 2020

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With the Delegated Decision on TSls, the European Commission requested the Agency to set up working parties for revising all TSls. In particular, the TSI relating to ‘telematics applications for freight (TAF TSI) has been reviewed to take into account the objectives set out in Article 3 and in Article 13 of the Delegated Decision on TSIs.

This proposal for the revision of the TAF TSI was drafted by an Agency working party. According to the regulatory provisions, the Agency invites associations and bodies representing users as well as social partners to comment the draft proposal. In this respect, we make available for consultation the preliminary draft of the revision of the TSI telematics applications for passengers.

Please provide your comments using the template below and send them by email to the functional mailbox ("006REC1128" followed by "")