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Vehicle Keeper Marking Register (VKM)

The Vehicle Keeper Marking Register (VKM Register) provides the unique VKM and name of all keepers (EU/OTIF). It is defined in Appendix 6 part 1 of Decision 2007/756/EC.

The VKM register is updated on a monthly basis.

Since 2014, a joint OTIF/EU VKM Register is hosted by ERA and provides the VKM details in four languages (English, French, German, Russian).

The VKM register is available either in PDF or in Excel format. In case there are differences between both files, the PDF format prevails over the other format.

Any request for a new VKM, a change of the VKM and the change of the keeper´s name should be submitted to the National Safety Authority of that Member State, where the respective keeper has its place of business, using a dedicated form (Word or Excel).