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European Vehicle Register (EVR)


The European Vehicle Register (EVR) is a web-based tool used by Keepers to submit their applications for vehicle registration and by Registration Entities (REs) to manage the allocation of vehicle numbers and to record vehicle registrations. 

As with the ECVVR, the EVR vehicle registration process is managed at national level.

Therefore, through the EVR:

  • REs manage user accounts;
  • Keepers submit their application for vehicle registration to the relevant RE of the Member State (MS), where they aim to register their authorised vehicle. All other contacts between Keepers and REs remain outside the EVR;
  • There will be no direct contact between Keepers and the Agency during the process of vehicle registration;
  • Fees and charges for vehicle registration remain at MSs’ discretion.

Since 03/12/2020, the EVR has been available to REs for testing; the EVR will be put in production when considered stable by the community of REs. 

The Agency will provide support to the REs for the use of the EVR considering:

  • The REs of the MSs which are “centralised” in the EVR will participate along with the Agency in the migration of their vehicle registrations into the EVR test environment;
  • The REs of the MSs which are “decentralised” in the EVR should provide the connection information of their decentralised vehicle register to be configured in the EVR test environment.

All vehicle registrations available for consultation via the ECVVR will be available for consultation in the EVR once it is in production. 

To ensure business continuity, the ECVVR will be available for regular use until the end of 2021.

This will allow:

  • REs to continue vehicle registration and consultation via their respective national vehicle registers (NVR). 
  • REs and the Agency to ensure the full testing and validation of the EVR.