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Railway Safety and Interoperability: the 2022 Report

Railway Safety and Interoperability: the 2022 Report

1 Jul 2022

The 2022 edition of the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA) report monitoring progress on the safety and interoperability of the European Union (EU) railway system represents an important part of our effort to provide to our stakeholders a comprehensive overview of the latest developments referring to these critical aspects.

Also, the report is a key element in our continuous effort to better understand the situation of European railways and its evolution over time in terms of safety and interoperability. The data contained in this report can be used to identify areas for improvement towards reaching a more efficient and effective railway system for all citizens of Europe: the Single European Railway Area. The report is also an important source of information for decision-making at EU and Member State levels and it is based on data up to the 2020 reporting period, and, where available, up to 2021.

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