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OSS maintenance successfully completed

Published: 28 July 2023

OSS service is restored. Logging in is now managed by Microsoft Azure.


The maintenance of the OSS has been successfully completed and all services are restored. Logging in to OSS is now managed by Microsoft Azure.

You can connect to OSS only by using your e-mail (the one you registered for the OSS) and password associated to it by your organisation. Your new OSS password is the one you normally use for connecting to your mailbox, to start the laptop, to connect to your company network, etc.

You must NOT use anymore your old OSS password (if different from your company password): it will not provide access to the OSS any longer.

From now on, with the new security settings, the authentication steps allowing you to log-in to OSS are synchronised with your organisation. Authentication steps may change depending on your organisation: you may be required to go through a Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) e.g. via pin code to your mobile, to your e-mail address, via an app on your smartphone…there are several possibilities and these are not in control of ERA, but are set by your organisation.

ERA took specific care in ensuring that your OSS account is fully updated and you can connect seamlessly. However, if you face issues to connect, please contact us.

Kind regards,

ERA Team