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Free webinar – HOF: From Busting Myths to Practical Tools

Published: 16 June 2022 Updated: 30 October 2023
Thursday 16 June 2022, 12:00 - Thursday 16 June 2022, 13:30 (Europe/Brussels)

Human and Organisational Factors (HOF) refer to the role of humans in socio-technical systems and the interactions among the system components at different levels of analysis: individual, situational, group, organisational or cultural. Integrating HOF has been shown to be essential for safety performance in high-risk industries.

Along with many sectors railways are being increasingly automated presenting significant opportunities to make progress. However there are many myths about what automation can and cannot do.  If humans are less involved with more automation will railways be safer? Will increasing automation mean better performance? ERA in collaboration with the German Centre for Rail Traffic Research (DZSF) will address some of these automation myths and show that only by integrating human and organisational factors (HOF) will automation live up to its potential.

How can HOF be integrated? By using the “toolkit” developed by ERA with the help of sector expertise to integrate HOF throughout a change such as deploying automation. Through following a step-by-step methodology organisations can not only comply with the EU 4th Railway Package legislation but improve performance by integrating HOF.

How to participate

As usual, you will be able to participate by selecting the link ‘Join the webinar’ below (no registration needed). The link will be active a few hours before the start of the webinar broadcast. 

You may ask questions using the Q&A function that will be available during the broadcast. The questions are moderated. The webinar will be recorded and made available on our YouTube Channel after the broadcasting.

Thank you for your interest in this webinar. If you would like to receive regular communications from ERA, sign in to our database.

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