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The European Union Agency for Railways issued the 100th Single Safety Certificate

Published: 06 July 2022 Updated: 25 November 2022

Josef Doppelbauer, ERA Executive Director, signed today the Single Safety Certificate for Mercitalia Shunting & Terminal Srl. This certificate is valid for a period of five years and the area of operation covers Italy.

Press release

“Signing the 100th Single Safety Certificate represents an important institutional milestone for ERA, and a step forward for the Single European Railway Area and for the safety of railways” said Mr Doppelbauer, considering that the certification process demonstrates commitment to the safety of operations, and provides evidence that the railway undertaking has established its safety management system and is able to comply with its legal obligations.

Following the entry into force of the new EU railway legal framework, ERA, as the European Authority under the 4th Railway Package, promotes in concrete manners a harmonised approach to railway safety, while improving the competitive position of the railway sector.

The Single Safety Cerficiate issued via the One-Stop-Shop (OSS) brought transparency, celerity, clarity and impartiality to the process and it is considered by the applicants a very useful tool, allowing them to better manage their operations.

All the Single Safety Certificates are publicly available from the European Railway Agency Database of Interoperability and Safety (ERADIS). This database ensures that the information relevant to the safety and interoperability of the railways in the Member States is accessible and transparent to all interested parties and stakeholders in the railway.

Background information

About the Single Safety Certificate

The railway undertakings whose business is to transport goods and/or passengers, whether or not their activities are limited to providing traction only, must hold a valid single safety certificate to be granted access to the railway infrastructure.

A single safety certificate is valid for a given area of operation, i.e. a network or networks within one or more Member States where the railway undertaking intends to operate.

Read more on ERA’s website: Applications for Single Safety Certificates (SSCs)

About the EU Agency for Railways:

The European Union Agency for Railways was established in Valenciennes (offices) and Lille (meeting facilities) in 2004, and has 188 employees representing more than 22 European Member States. ERA has been providing EU Member States and the European Commission with technical assistance in the development and implementation of the Single European Railway Area. This comprises enhancing technical interoperability and harmonising rules, promoting simplified access for customers, developing a common approach to safety and safety culture, advising on telematics applications and ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System), monitoring National Safety Authorities and Notified Bodies and facilitating the exchange of information between the railway actors in Europe. Since 16th June 2019 the EU Agency for Railways is mandated to issue single safety certificates and vehicle (type) authorisations valid in multiple European countries and to ensure an interoperable European Rail Traffic Management System.