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The EUMedRail Steering Committee approved the Work Plan for 2022 at its meeting 17th of November 2021

Published: 22 November 2021 Updated: 04 October 2022

More than 30 participants representing Euromed project partners, the EU Agency for Railways, DG NEAR, DG MOVE, OTIF and UIC took part in the virtual meeting analysing the project progress and achievements, to discuss and approve the project plan for the following year.

The meeting started with an opening and welcome note from the representatives of the EU Agency for Railways, DG NEAR, DG MOVE, OTIF and UIC.

The Union for the Mediterranean presented the actions on rail transport considered in the drafted Regional Transport Action Plan (RTAP) for 2021-2027. Similar to the Regional Transport Action Plan 2014-2020, these actions will make reference to the regulatory reforms, accession to international organisations and development of cross border transport, railway safety and interoperability. The consolidated version will be endorsed at the next UfM Ministerial on Transport in 2022. 

The project partners reviewed progress made in the field of railway safety and interoperability stressing the regulatory reforms implemented as well as their participation in the EUMedRail activities in 2021. The EUMedRail team presented the set of work packages which define the project plan for 2022, subsequently approved by the delegations.  

This meeting was an occasion to say goodbye to the project manager and Team leader of International relations, Peter Mihm, and to publicly acknowledge his support and commitment to the EUMedRail countries. 

The EUMedRail Steering Committee
The EUMedRail Steering Committee 2