European Railway Agency - ERA

Moving Europe towards a sustainable
and safe railway system without frontiers.

ERA’s updated Mission Statement and Vision

ERA’s updated Mission Statement and Vision

30 Jan 2022

The European Union Agency for Railways (ERA) is pleased to announce that it has updated its Mission Statement and Vision. These statements are much more than just catchphrases. They tell who we are, what is the core identity of ERA.

A sustainable, safe European transport system without frontiers

First, the Vision. In the context of the European Green Deal and following the European year of rail, rail has the potential to become the backbone of the European multimodal transport and mobility system. This needed to be reflected in our Vision.

We needed to show that rail is part of a more global transport system. The Vision is that rail will be fully incorporated in our transport and mobility patterns due to its high environmental performance: high energy efficiency and low externalities, hence the word “sustainable”, and keeping a high level of safety performance, hence the word “safe”.

Moving from a patchwork to a network also required to focus on the “without frontiers” as we are contributing to establish a European network of transport taking advantage of all the inherent qualities of the different modes of transport.

Moving Europe towards a sustainable and safe railway system without frontiers

The Mission Statement is more railway focused as this is our business field. However, we applied the same principles as for the Vision with the key terms of sustainability and safety. Interoperability is not forgotten in this Mission Statement as the terms “without frontiers” emphasised the key role of interoperability to reach the objective of a Single European railway area.

Finally, the terms “moving Europe” indicates that the Agency is a driving the work to make sure that the railway system remains a very safe mode of transport and breaks the barriers to build a truly European network resulting in an increase of the rail modal share in the transport and mobility system. Reaching these goals will help our society to reach the ambition of a carbon neutral transport system by mid-century.

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