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COVID-19 Rail Protocol

COVID-19 Rail Protocol

21 Jul 2020

Recommendations for safe resumption of railway services in Europe

For the safe resumption of railway operations in Europe, the European Union Agency’s for Railways (ERA), the European Commission and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) have developed operational guidelines with the COVID-19 railway protocol. It complements measures taken by the European Commission to support Member States in re-launching safe mobility and tourism across Europe.

This protocol is a collaborative and dynamic process featuring regular information updates through dedicated information bulletins, providing detailed non-binding advice in specific topics identified suitable to safeguard the health and safety of passengers, transport workers and staff, or to re-establish trust in rail services. Work is ongoing.

The good practice measures recommended in this protocol are not stand-alone solutions without alternative. However, if largely adhered to and applied in a harmonised manner, they will improve the international passenger experience with a single set of rules and conventions within the EU, while assisting operators of cross border services by ensuring coherent requirements across Member States.

You can find more information on our dedicated COVID-19 Information Platform.

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