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Common Occurrence Reporting


This page is no longer updated. The results of this project have been integrated in the development of a Common Safety Method on the Assessment of Safety Levels and Safety Performance.

The main objective of the Common Occurrence Reporting (COR) project was to develop a common scheme for reporting and sharing of safety occurrences for the railway sector in Europe. Such a system is meant to support the development of the safety performance of European railways by enabling the railway undertakings and infrastructure managers the improvement of their risk management processes, contributing to better risk-based decision making at both operational level and regulatory level and facilitating a better understanding of safety risks at EU level. Currently all the work on a process for reporting and sharing of safety related data is being done under the scope of developing the new CSM on assessment of safety level and safety performance. Information gathered in the COR project will be considered as input to the development of the new legal act.

In addition, ERA has also developed a Safety Alert IT tool (SAIT) to support the urgent reporting and sharing of unknown or poorly understood information about hazards and their consequences. This safety alert tool can be accessible directly via the SAIT web platform.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email.

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