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Free webinar: Maintenance of railway vehicles, what’s new and what you need to know

Free webinar: Maintenance of railway vehicles, what’s new and what you need to know

7 Jun 2021

Location: Online

ERA : Josef Doppelbauer; Bart Accou; Nathalie Duquenne | Gilles Peterhans, Secretary General of UIP | Jean-Pierre Gielen, Chef de Division Organes de Roulement SNCF | Fabian Schmidt, ERC Geschäftsführer, ECM Certification body | Francis Parmentier, TÜV Rheinland, ECM certification body | Gradus Kemperman, NSA NL-ECM certification body ILT | Geoffrey Tresontani, ECM Manager CFL Cargo


07/06/2021, 15PM – 16H30PM (CEST) – download iCal


The maintenance of vehicles is an important part of the safety system as a whole. In the past the lack of a system for certification of ECMs has led to increased costs for the sector and journeys without loads. The management of maintenance was not defined clear enough, not sufficiently controlled and the absence of harmonised rules hampered international competition on the market and international traffic, mainly for freight.


The first step on certification of ECM was the regulation 445/2011 imposing a certificate to all ECMs maintaining freight wagons. After 7 years of implementation of this regulation, the majority of the railway stakeholders requested an extension of the certification to all ECMs. This resulted in the new regulation (EU) 2019/779.

This webinar will focus on the major changes compared to the old regulation and the most important points that you have to keep in mind.

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