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8. Implementation - Introduction  

​To make the sometimes very complex design and operational processes work effectively, there is need for a set of processes for implementation.  They should serve to implement activities and to assure that such activities are being carried out and that results are obtained.

In this context, people need to know what their role in the system is and what they’re responsible for. Therefore, the structure [8.1] has to include identification of responsibilities and assignment, where appropriate, of functions and activities to people
 They also need to have the knowledge and skills [8.2] to know what to do in all circumstances and at all time they need to have all relevant information [8.3] available in an adequate form. 

Resource  management, and in particular the suitability of professional competence and health requirements to perform safety critical or safety related tasks  (the terms are used quite interchangeably) is a key factor for delivering safe operation.

Processes for implementation underlie and ensure documentation [8.4] of all operational and processes for design and improvement, since they are necessary to implement them efficiently and therefore to run the business.