Budget and Accounts
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Budget and Accounts  

The Financial Regulation and its Implementing Rules, applicable to the Agency, lay down the rules for the establishment and implementation of the Agency’s budget and the presentation and auditing of the accounts.




The budget consists of a summary statement of revenue and expenditure. The initial and amended budgets provide information on the approved budget for one financial year.

The annual accounts of the Agency shall comprise:
  • (a) the financial statements of the Agency;
  • (b) the reports on implementation of the budget of the Agency.
The accounts of the Agency shall be accompanied by a report on budgetary and financial management during the year.

Each year, the Court of Auditors issues a specific report including an introduction, the Statement of Assurance on the reliability of the accounts and the legality and regularity of the transactions, and, when applicable additional comments.

The European Parliament, upon a recommendation from the Council, shall, before 30 April of year N + 2 give a discharge to the Executive Director in respect of the implementation of the budget for year N.



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