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About us
Following the entry into force of the technical pillar of the 4th EU Railway Package on 15th June 2016, the European Union Agency for Railways replaces and succeeds the European Railway Agency.
The mission of the European Union Agency for Railways is: “Making the railway system work better for society.”
To achieve this, the Agency contributes, on technical matters, to the implementation of the European Union legislation aiming at improving the competitive position of the railway sector by:
  • enhancing the level of interoperability of rail systems;
  • developing a common approach to safety on the European railway system;
  • contributing to creating a Single European Railway Area without frontiers guaranteeing a high level of safety.

In addition, the European Union Agency for Railways will become, from 2019 onwards, the European Authority to:

  • issue single EU-wide safety certificates to railway undertakings;
  • issue vehicle authorisations for operation in more than one country;
  • grant pre-approval for ERTMS infrastructure.