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Following the entry into force of the technical pillar of the 4th EU Railway Package, the European Union Agency for Railways replaces and succeeds the European Railway Agency (ERA). The “Agency” refers as from now to the European Union Agency for Railways. However depending on the context, some parts of the text still refer to the former ERA.

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 Latest reports and documents

Publication date Title
10-11-2017The Opinion recommends a series of amendments for the CCS TSI and its Application Guide.
07-11-2017Latest list of all collected TSIs’ deficiencies as submitted to the RISC meeting
06-11-2017Compliance reports contain the results of tests performed by ERA to evaluate TAF TSI compliance of listed tools.
01-11-2017Vehicle keeper marking register
31-10-2017The Agency has recommended via an Opinion (ERA/OPI/2017-5) an update of the on-board test specifications for the set of specifications #2 (B3 MR1) and set of specifications #3 (B3 R2) for the TSI CCS. The recommended update is as follows: • Update of test specifications referenced in Index 37b, 37c and 37d of Annex A Table 2.2 of the Commission Regulation 2016/919 in the set of mandatory specifications. • Update of test architecture referenced in Index 31 and test specifications referenced as “reserved” in Index 37b), 37c) and 37d) of Annex A Table 2.3 of the Commission Regulation 2016/919 in the set of mandatory specifications. Furthermore the related informative documents are also provided.
25-10-2017The Opinion recommends the use of the baseline release version 2.1 of the technical documents listed on Appendix I of Regulation (EU) 1305/2014 and embedded in the Recommendation ERA-REC-110-2015/REC delivered by the Agency on May 10th 2015.
10-10-2017European Union Agency for Railways Recommendation on closure of open point related to interface protocols between EMS and DCS and transferred data format and editorial changes amending the Annex to Commission Regulation (EU) No 1301/2014
05-10-2017As required under Art. 10 of the CCS TSI, the Agency has prepared this technical opinion on the state of the findings logged in the ERTMS change request database.
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