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Following the entry into force of the technical pillar of the 4th EU Railway Package, the European Union Agency for Railways replaces and succeeds the European Railway Agency (ERA). The “Agency” refers as from now to the European Union Agency for Railways. However depending on the context, some parts of the text still refer to the former ERA.

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 Latest reports and documents

Publication date Title
13-09-2016The safety performance report 2016 presents common safety indicator data, overview of serious accidents in the EU, results of annual assessment of CSTs and a series of data analysis results.
07-09-2016Vehicle keeper marking register
31-08-2016Latest list of all collected TSIs’ deficiencies as submitted to the RISC meeting
31-08-2016Adopted by Written Procedure - on 31 August 2016
31-08-2016Adopted by Written Procedure - on 31 August 2016
16-08-2016Technical opinion regarding the question of NB-Rail (ref. QC-NB Rail 017) concerning Definition of Stairs in the PRM TSI
16-08-2016Request for an opinion on ERTMS on-board equipment for regional lines under CCS TSI
01-08-2016The “cleaning-up” of unnecessary national rules is a fundamental and urgent short-term action to remove technical regulatory barriers to open market, international operation and interoperability. For the stakeholder to get benefits from this programme, MSs have eventually to align their national legislation with consideration of European rules.
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