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 Latest reports and documents

Publication date Title
23-04-2015Advice on the interpretation of section (Visual information) in the 2008 PRM TSI (Commission Decision 2008/164/EC of 21 December 2007).
17-04-2015EC request for opinion concerning the Issue of Interoperability Constituents and Specific Cases raised by UK
17-04-2015The request for an opinion relates to the heights for platforms in the PRM and INF TSIs. UK asks the Commission to consider possible ways to enable the UK to build HS2 platforms at a higher height, circa 1200 mm rather than 550 mm, 760 mm or 915 mm.
17-04-2015Question of NBRail (ref. QC-STR-007) concerning all TSIs and Commission Communication 345/03 "List of harmonised standards"
17-04-2015Question of NB Rail (ref. QC-STR-006) concerning the duration of validity of certificates in different TSIs.
16-04-2015Commission Recommendation of 5 December 2014 on matters related to the placing in service and use of structural subsystems and vehicles under Directives 2008/57/EC and 2004/49/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council Text with EEA relevance (OJ L 355, 12.12.2014, p. 59–77) This Recommendation sets out the principles and directions for Member States to improve the common understanding and facilitate the harmonisation of the procedures for the authorisation for placing in service of structural subsystems and vehicles
16-04-2015This case study focuses on how to deal with authorisation of a vehicle (type) in more than one member state. It clarifies the following aspects: 1. What are the steps to be taken to establish the authorization case? 2. What benefits can the manufacturer gain from the first type authorization? a) For authorisations of new vehicles of this type in MS A b) If no modification is required for MS B c) If the loco type has to be modified to be technical compatible with MS B network by the addition of MS B’s class B signalling system 3. What documentation needs to be supplied for the authorization for MS B?
16-04-2015This case study focuses on how to deal with the authorisation of a wagon (type) in order to have a “go everywhere” wagon and achieve authorisation for all EU TEN G1 network at the same time in more than one member state. It clarifies the following aspects: 1.Which authorisation case applies? 2.Which TSIs and National Rules apply? 3.Which assessment bodies have to be involved (e.g. NoBo, DeBo, AsBo) and why? 4.What are the obligations of the entity (as keeper) after authorisation and before an individual freight wagon can be operated by a RU? 5.What are the obligations of a RU operating some of these freight wagons? 6.In case of later modification of existing wagon(s) that were authorised using a declaration of conformity to this type, what is the procedure to be applied? What are the responsibilities?
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