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No job opportunities are available at the moment. Please check our website regularly for new publications.
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No job opportunities are available at the moment. Please check our website regularly for new publications.


Following the entry into force of the technical pillar of the 4th EU Railway Package, the European Union Agency for Railways replaces and succeeds the European Railway Agency (ERA). The “Agency” refers as from now to the European Union Agency for Railways. However depending on the context, some parts of the text still refer to the former ERA.

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 Latest reports and documents

Publication date Title
17-01-2017Contact data of registration entities managing National Vehicle Registers (NVR) and links to national guidelines for vehicle registration procedures in Member States.
16-01-2017Interim report for cleaning-up rules programme January 2017.
16-01-2017Recommendation on Rationalisation of Vehicle Related Registers (RVRR)
10-01-2017Latest list of all collected TSIs’ deficiencies as submitted to the RISC meeting
04-01-2017Vehicle keeper marking register
03-01-2017Decision 147 of the Management Board of the European Union Agency for Railways amending the "Policy for Visits to Member States" of the European Railway Agency adopted by written procedure of the Management Board, WP 03-2016
15-12-2016This document was drawn up by the joint Contact Group of experts of the ORGANISATION FOR CO-OPERATION BETWEEN RAILWAYS (hereinafter referred to as OSJD) and the EUROPEAN UNIOIN AGENCY FOR RAILWAYS (hereinafter referred to as ERA) (hereinafter referred to as the Contact Group) within the co-operation of the above organisations to analyse the relations between the railway systems both within and outside the EU, with 1520 mm track gauge (1524 mm for Finland) in accordance with signed Memorandum of Understanding signed by them for year 2012. OSJD performed this work based on the Programme of Actions for 2010 and subsequent years. ERA worked based on Section 2.1 (TSI revision) of the Mandate issued to the Agency by the Decision of the European Commission of 29/04/2010 for the performance of the specific tasks in accordance with Directives 96/48/EC and 2001/16/EC.
06-12-2016Adopted during meeting 40 on 29 November 2016
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