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 Latest reports and documents

Publication date Title
25-11-2015This document gives an overview of the TSIs chronology.
17-11-2015Administrative Board decision of the European Railway Agency adopting adopting an amendment to the Work Programme 2015 Adopted by written procedure on 17/11/2015
29-10-2015The present document was drafted by the joint Contact Group of experts (hereinafter the Contact Group) of the the EUROPEAN RAILWAY AGENCY (hereinafter the ERA) and the ORGANISATION FOR CO-OPERATION BETWEEN RAILWAYS (hereinafter the OSJD) in the framework of cooperation between these organisations on analysing the interoperability of rail systems both inside and outside of the EU. The OSJD performed this work pursuant to its plan of action for 2014 and subsequent years. The ERA performed this work pursuant to section 4.10 (Interconnection to a 1520/1524-mm Rail System) of the Mandate received by the Agency for Drafting Technical Specifications for interoperability (TSI) and ERA Recommendation (ERA/REC/03-2008/INT от 17/11/2009) on Relationship with 1520/1524 mm Railway Network
29-10-2015The Application guide to the Reference Document forms Part 1 of the Reference Document as envisaged by Decision 2011/155/EU of 9 March 2011 on the publication and management of the Reference Document referred to in Article 27(4) of the Interoperability Directive and provides information relevant for the management, understanding and use of the Reference Document. The first version of this guide was published on 21st June 2012, version 2.0 was published on 29th October 2013, version 3.0 was published on 29th October 2015
21-10-2015An article on ERA contribution to development of the TSIs. The article was published in a Polish railway magazine TTS – Transport Technology Systems (Technika Transportu Szynowego), both in Polish (issue 7-8/2015), and in the special English edition, published on the occasion of international conference titled Prospects of high-speed rail in Poland. The conference was held in Warsaw on 6 May 2015. Author: Andrzej Harassek.
07-10-2015Vehicle keeper marking register
23-09-2015Latest list of all collected TSIs’ deficiencies as submitted to the RISC meeting
18-09-2015The railway safety Directive requires that each vehicle shall have an Entity in charge of Maintenance (ECM) assigned to it and decision 2007/756/EC of 9th November 2007 requires that this entity must be registered in the NVR. Equivalent requirements are outlined in Appendix G of COTIF 1999. Until the NVR is not fully usable through Europe at the same level of content and accessibility, it is difficult for the RUs to establish the link between the wagon and the ECM. The associations (UIC, UIP and ERFA) in cooperation with ERA developed a solution to bridge the information gap between RUs and ECMs (see the file “keeper-ecm-declaration” and the Guidelines for the Keepers “ECM Declaration” (this version replaces all previous versions of the keeper self-declaration implementation guide). This declaration does not provide a direct link between the wagon and the ECM, but ascertains the necessary information for the RUs. The mentioned “keeper-ecm-declaration" file will be updated at the end of June and later on a monthly base.
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