Safety Performance
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Monitoring safety performance  
Safety outcome
The information on investigations and on common safety indicators is processed and validated by the Agency and made publicly available through the ERAIL database.
Performance of national safety authorities
The Agency manages a programme for cross-auditing of national safety authorities. From 2013 on, the programme foresees a 5-years audit-cycle to assess the performance of all national safety authorities. An annual report on the implementation of this project will be presented to the European Commission.
Performance of national investigation bodies
The objective of the assessment by the Agency is to help the national investigation bodies in developing a standard for accident investigation and to support them in identifying changes that will improve their efficiency and effectiveness.
Common Occurrence Reporting
The common occurrence reporting project is intended to provide a basis for effective sharing of occurrence data and information across the EU Member States so that they could be used for better risk management at both regulatory and operational levels by all relevant actors.