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Common occurrence reporting  

1. Objectives of the Common Occurrence Reporting

The main objective is to develop a common reporting scheme of events (occurrences) for railway operators to collect and share data. This will enable the operators to implement and improve their risk management process and consequently the safety level of the Single European Railway Area.

The new reporting scheme should:

  1. give early warnings of any deviation from the expected outcome, or assurance that the expected outcome is achieved as planned;
  2. give information about unwanted outcomes;
  3. support decision making at both regulatory and operational level, by all the relevant actors.

The objectives will be achieved by:

  1. Building awareness and support for sharing at a European level;
  2. Gathering and disseminating intelligence on state of the art methods;
  3. Setting out clearly the cost, benefits and requirements (including legislative, resource and competence, and cultural);
  4. Selecting and proposing well supported methods and plans;
  5. Describing a long term plan for evolution of risk profiling built on better data.

2. Sharing different information for different purposes

  • Safety alerts: designed to share unknown or poorly understood information about hazards and their consequences urgently.
  • Safety management:
    • collection of data as an output of continual monitoring;
    • capable of providing information about the adequacy and improvement of risk management measures;
    • to enhance risk management under SMS; and 
    • to support risk-based supervision and decision making at both national and EU level.

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 3. Deliverables



Publication date Title
08-03-2017The purpose of this document is to present updated Agency work on developing a set of common safety occurrences and taxonomy (characteristics of occurrences) after first written consultation with stakeholders as a part of the Common Occurrence Reporting Project
08-11-2016This document provides a comprehensive overview on the potentials of big data and possible applications in the railways domain. The purpose is contribute to the Common Occurrence Reporting Programme providing knowledge and potential implementations on the technology in the railway domain.

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