Core Activities
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Databases and Registers  

The Agency is responsible for developing and maintaining several registers and databases in order to ensure transparency and equal access to documents for all railway market actors.

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Documents Made publicly available by the Agency: Access:
Archive Database on accidents
Authorisations for placing in service of infrastructure and fixed installations ERADIS
Common Safety Indicators​ ERAIL
EC declarations of verification of subsystems​ ERADIS
EC declarations of conformity of interoperability constituents​ ERADIS
EC declarations of suitability for use of interoperability constituents ERADIS
ECM Certificates, ECM-MoU Certificates and Maintenance Functions Certificates​ ERADIS
Keepers​ Self Declarations Keepers Self Declarations​
Information on the decisions by the NIBs to open accident investigations and final accident investigation reports (issued by the NIB)​ ERAIL
Licenses for railway undertakings (issued by the licensing authority) ERADIS
National Safety Rules NOTIF-IT
National Technical Rules​ NOTIF-IT
NSA and NIB Annual Reports (issued by the NSA and the NIB) ERADIS
Railway undertakings service quality reports ERADIS
Safety certificates Part A & Part B for railway undertakings (issued by NSA)​ ERADIS
Vehicle Keeper Markings VKM Registers


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