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Vehicle Keeper Marking Register (VKMR)  
The Vehicle Keeper Marking Register (VKM Register) is defined in Appendix 6 part 1 of the Decision on adopting a common specification of the national vehicle register (NVR Decision 2007/756/EC from November 2007). This register provides the unique VKM and name of all keepers (EU/OTIF). The VKM register is regularly updated every first Wednesday of the month.Since May 2014 a joint OTIF/EU VKM Register is hosted by the Agency and provides the VKM details in four languages (English, French, German, Russian). The VKM register can be accessed via the link on the right hand side.Any  request for a new VKM, a change of the VKM and the change of the keeper´s name shall be submitted to the NSA of that Member State, where the respective keeper has its place of business. For the request the MS Excel or MS Word form shall be used.The VKM application guide explains in detail the procedures to be followed.








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