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Part 2 and Part 3 of the Reference Document  

Part 2 – National Reference Documents

The National Reference Documents contain the rules applied by each Member State for the authorisation of railway vehicles. They may also contain classifications of their equivalence with other Member State’s rules covering the same parameter.

National Reference Documents in accordance to Decision 2011/155/EU*
Austria** Belgium​** Bulgaria** Croatia
​​ Czech Republic Denmark​** Estonia** Finland**​​
France​​** ​ Germany​** Greece**​ Hungary**​​
Ireland​​ Italy** Latvia​**  Lithuania​**
Luxembourg** The Netherlands**  Norway**​​  Poland
 Portugal**​​ Romania​​** ​ Slovakia**​ Slovenia​​**
Spain​**  Sweden**​​ United Kingdom**​

* Please inform us if there are relevant rules applied to the authorisation of railway vehicles which cannot be found in the RDD or the National Reference Document.

** The NRD for these states are verified and published by the MS in the RDD.

Part 3 – National Legal Frameworks

The NLFs that have been collected and signed off by Member States are published as a PDF.
For the remaining Members States, as the NLFs are signed off, they will be published as they become available.

National Legal Frameworks in accordance to Decision 2011/155/EU
Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia
Czech Republic Denmark​ Estonia Finland**
France​​** Germany Greece​** Hungary​
Ireland Italy ​​ Latvia Lithuania
Luxembourg** The Netherlands​  Norway  Poland
Portugal** Romania  Slovakia​**  Slovenia
Spain** Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom​**

 ** The NLF for these states are verified and published by the MS in the RDD.