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Cross Acceptance (Archive) - Status Jan 2016  
The Cross Acceptance Unit has been disbanded. Activities relating to authorisation processes have been transferred to the Safety Unit and activities relating to National Rules to the Interoperability Unit. The Network of Representative Bodies is manged by the new Strategy, Research and International Standards Unit.
This website remains open for access to former Cross Acceptance documents and the RDD pending transfer over to the other units and restructuring of the ERA website


In order to facilitate, improve and develop international rail transport services and the progressive creation of the internal market in equipment and services for the construction, renewal, upgrading and operation of the rail system, the principle of mutual recognition of the national rules, the checks against these rules and the associated authorisations to place into service is supported by the Cross-Acceptance Unit works.

The European Commission, with the support of the Agency, set up a task force to identify problems and propose solutions to facilitate the authorisation of railway vehicles: the findings of this task force are available in the enclosed Report.


 Cross Acceptance Unit in brief


We are developing a common approach to the evaluation and acknowledgement of requirements and processes used by Member States for the authorisation to place in service railway vehicles and their subsystems.

Our objective is to eliminate duplication of checks and authorisations by recognising equivalence of rules and associated checks. 

We are facilitating the cooperation between Member States in the publication and the classification of the equivalence of their national rules.

We manage the reference document listing and cross referencing the national rules and their equivalence.

We are supporting geographical interest groups in their Cross-Acceptance works.

We cooperate with Member States authorities and the Sector in order to achieve a coherent and efficient implementation of the Directives regarding the authorisation processes for placing in service of vehicles.

Commission Recommendation 2014/897/EU of 5 December 2014 on matters related to the placing in service and use of structural subsystems and vehicles under Directives 2008/57/EC and 2004/49/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council (DV29bis)
Commission Decision 2011/155/EU of 9 March 2011 on the publication and management of the reference document referred to in Article 27(4) of Directive 2008/57/EC on the interoperability of the rail system within the Community
Application Guide (EN) - Part 1 of the Reference Document
Final Report on Railway Vehicle Authorisation PART 1 -> 'The current situation'

We are organised with:

  • a secretariat and two business sectors:
  • Technical Evaluation and
  • Authorisation Processes.

Please also see our organisation chart

Directive 2009/131/EC amending Annex VII to Directive 2008/57

Decision 2009/965/EC on the reference document – List of parameters