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Cross Acceptance(Archive)
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Reference Document  

The Cross-Acceptance Unit makes available the Reference Document for the authorisation for placing in service of railway vehicles.

The Reference Document is composed of 3 parts:

  • Part 1: Application guide. This part refers to the elements included in the Commission Decision 2011/155/EU, and any other information relevant for the management, understanding and use of the reference document. Version 3.0 is available in all European languages. The list of parameteres published in the Decison 2015/2299/EU was also implemented in RDD.
    NB: To support the migration to the new list of parameteres, the existing list of parameteres from Annex III of the "Reference Document Application Guide v2.0-22.07.2013" has been preserved. 
  • Part 2: National Reference Document. This includes all national reference documents listing and classifying the equivalence of national rules, one for each Member State, as referred to in Article 3 of Decision 2011/155/EU.
  • Part 3: National Legal Framework. In accordance with Article 1 of Decision 2009/965/EC, it includes information on the national legal framework applicable to the authorisation of placing in service of vehicles.




Part 1 and Part 3:

  • Ms. Sarah YOUNG
  • Mr. Sorin HANCI

Part 2:

  • Mr. Florinel MELINTE

email: rdd@era.europa.eu