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  • New Module for NOTIF-IT
    Published on 16-04-2014
    gare de Luxembourg central station

    The database Notif-IT has now been updated for submitting newly developed draft National Safety Rules. This will allow Member States and the railway sector to submit their comments, which will be made public.

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  • EU Railway Conference - Registration is now open!
    Published on 25-03-2014
    EU Railway Conference logo

    Registration is now open for the EU Railway Conference in Lille, France 7th/ 8th May 2014

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  • ERA Seminar on Vehicle Authorisation
    Published on 06-03-2014
    ERA Seminar Bulgaria

    On 27th of February, the Cross Acceptance Unit of the European Railway Agency (ERA) was invited by the Railway Administration Executive Agency (RAEA) to present to the Bulgarian Railway Sector the European Legal Framework regarding the Vehicle Authorisation.

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  • Call for Human Factors Experts
    Published on 04-02-2014

    Call for applications for Human Factors experts to assist the National Investigation Body in some Member States in the investigation of railway accidents.

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  • ECVVR updated status of connections
    Published on 17-12-2013
    ECVVR updated status of connections

    At the end of November 2013 the number of EU member states that have their National Vehicle Register connected to the search engine of the European Centralised Virtual Vehicle Register (ECVVR) is 15: AT, BE, CZ, DK, EE, FR, IT, LT, LU, NL, PL, PT, RO, SI, SK. Outside the EU, NO – EEA member – and CH and RS – OTIF members states – have their National Vehicle Registers connected as well.

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