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1st Workshop of the Multimodal Risk Management 
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From: 10/07/2018
To: 10/07/2018
Location: Luxembourg
Participants: Anyone interested in raising her/his awareness on the newly developed Risk management framework in the context of road, rail and inland waterways transport of dangerous goods and potential users of the framework, such as freight operators, infrastructure
The 1st workshop of the multimodal Risk Management Framework (RMF) for inland Transport of Dangerous Goods (TDG) is the first of a series of workshops to take place in different areas of the European Union, inaugurating the dissemination and implementation phase of the guides for Inland TDG risk management.
The event is organised by ERA in collaboration with the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the infrastructure manager of the National Railway Company of Luxembourg (CFL), who kindly offered to host this event.
The workshop will focus on the presentation of the multimodal EU guides for Inland TDG risk management. These contain the EU approach on an improved risk-based decision-making and management of risks in inland transport of dangerous goods, including the harmonization of existing practices, models and tools used for risk evaluations, as well as risk management processes, decision methods and criteria.
For more information, please refer to the attached invitation and the provisional agenda.
You are kindly requested to confirm your participation by sending the attached registration form duly completed to



7/06/2018 10:10No presence informationHAHN Thorsten
7/06/2018 10:10No presence informationHAHN Thorsten