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EuMedRail Bulletin January 2021


Welcome to the fifth Bulletin of the EUMedRail project. The EUMedRail Team wishes you a healthy and fruitful 2021 and is grateful for the contribution made by the partners of the Southern Mediterranean Region and Europe to the success of the project. Thanks to this cooperation, the European Commission has granted the EUMedRail project with an extension of 2 years, which will allow to continue working for the railway safety and interoperability until the end of 2022. During 2021 we will continue promoting the Agency activities, which will include the launch of the European Rail Safety Climate Survey.

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  • 2020

    EuMedRail Bulletin July 2020


    The fourth Bulletin focuses on the measures taken by the railway sector to address the COVID-19 pandemic. The COVID-19 rail protocol developed by the European Union Agency’s for Railways (ERA), the European Commission and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) provides guidelines to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 within stations and trains. Due to COVID-19, the EUMedRail project has regularly scheduled virtual meetings with the EUMedRail partners. Using electronic tools, the EUMedRail project could organise an EUMedRail webinar on OTIF, promote the EUMedRail partners participation to the 40th Session of WG TECH of OTIF and webinars on level crossings and Covid-19. The edition includes information on the transport of dangerous goods and safety management system via respective events.

  • EuMedRail Bulletin July 2020 (868.11 KB)
  • 2019

    EuMedRail Bulletin May 2019


    The second edition of the EUMedRail Bulletin focuses on project activities, in particular on the Seminar on National Investigation Bodies (NIB) held in Lisbon and the first EUMedRail Annual Conference that highlighted railway achievements in the region. This edition also discusses the main messages delivered during the first meeting of the UfM Working Group on Land Transport. The organisation of the first EUMedRail seminar on NIBs and safety culture in Egypt is featured as the first activity held in one of the EUMedRail beneficiaries.

  • EuMedRail Bulletin May 2019 (809.67 KB)
  • EuMedRail Bulletin October 2019


    The third edition of the EUMedRail Bulletin focuses on project activities, in particular on the Seminar on the tasks of the National Safety Authorities held in Amiens and The Hague, hosted by EPSF and LIT, and the Workshop on Safety Management System and Safety Culture that took place in Belgrade. This edition comments on the evaluation of the Regional Transport Action Plan (RTAP) 2014-2020, including the railway actions covered by the EUMedRail project. You are informed of the EUMedRail participation in regional activities with Egypt, Israel and Morocco.

  • EuMedRail Bulletin October 2019 (757.69 KB)