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15 Jan 2022

Automation Myth Busting Paper #1: Situation Awareness Remains the Same
What do you do when automation fails or reaches its system limits? Do you immediately know what you have to do? Can you immediately take over and carry on with operations as usual? If not, you could be lacking situational awareness.

31 Dec 2021

ERA’s 2021 Annual Interoperability Overview
The Agency published in October the Annual Interoperability Overview. These annual overviews are part of the Agency’s effort to provide more regular outputs from its monitoring of progress with safety and interoperability complementing its in-depth biennial report.

16 Dec 2021

OSS restored

15 Dec 2021

Myths Versus Facts in Automation: Why We Humans Will Still Matter
By Dr Itiel Dror, University College London (UCL) and Jayne Yeo, Project Officer, ERA

10 Dec 2021

The European Union Agency for Railways and UIC, the worldwide railway organisation, have signed a coordination framework
Mr Josef Doppelbauer, ERA Executive Director: “Cooperation, both at European and at global level, is essential for the railway sector to be able to provide an attractive proposition for customers of rail. Our collaboration with the International Union of Railways is an important step in this respect.”